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Walk in centre With Asthma Symptoms


I've kept my head in the sand long enough and can't ignore it anymore. I've had coughing and wheezing symptoms for a while and I'm ready to confront it. Hearing about a tragic circumstance has forced me to face up to reality.

If I were to go into a walk in medical centre, will they be able to deal with my case like a GP would? Its a walk in centre; would I have to book first?

If I book an appointment to see my GP, it'll be a week away.


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In a walk in centre they will deal with current symptoms. For example an infection or asthma flare up

Provide you with an emergency supply of inhalers they will not follow up your case they will tell you to go back to you gp

For follow up treatment. Your gp should be able to see you as an emergency ask for a doctor to call you

At a walk in centre no appointments are necessary but you could be waiting hours.

Hope this helps



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