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Asthma flare up, meds and what next?

Hey guys and gals.

For the last 4 weeks my asthma has been off due to pollens and weather.

I had my Clenil inhaler upped to start with.

Last week I started coughing stuff up and was put on anti-biotics, I just ended up feeling the same or worse. Phlegm did not clear, coughing still the same.

I have now been put on a different anti-biotic for 7 days and Prednisone 40 for 5 days. Plus the Clenil and Ventolin.

2 days in to the new lot I don't feel much better, I was told to go back after the 5 days if I'm no better. I'm just wondering what the next step usually is as I really don't want to be in hospital like last year.

Any advise will be much appreciated.

Anything I have missed out-just ask.

Thank you


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