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Struggling with brittle asthma and hospital admissions

Hi, I'm new here so be gentle haha. I've had asthma since I was 6 and been brittle asthmatic since I was 25, I've had a lot of hospital admissions over the past few years, sometimes 6 every 12 months. I've currently moved to Rotherham and been seen by an asthma specialist and a place called 'Breathing space' really good a mc feel a little more controlled. I have a nebuliser at home and have regular nebs four times a day plus when I need one.

Over Christmas and since I've been admitted four times, got flu over Christmas and pleurisy then another asthma attack, it's starting to get me down now, I always put a brave face on things for my partner and family and always smile but deep down its hard going, each admission is taking 2 weeks to recover and in having more oxygen each time. I've got a deep routed staff infection that they can't shift and scarring on my left lung, and I'm always open to infections and colds very easily.

Just be nice to hear from fellow people especially my age who have and suffer like me. Be nice to know it's not just me who's suffering.


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Hi Spireite

I totally get how you feel. I have had asthma since birth but was diagnosed with brittle asthma after doing the difficult asthma protocol 11 years ago. Im now 29 and have recently found it so difficult to keep my spirits up. Dealing with hospital admissions is getting harder and harder especially as like you I am needing more and more treatment to recover from attacks and they are scaring me more and more. Before I used to cope and go into my own little space to work through attacks and admissions but I just can't seem to do that anymore. I keep a blog as well about living with brittle asthma and trying to cope with everyday life but even doing that just now I struggle as thinking about my asthma just terrifies me.

Im sorry you are having a tough time but glad you have a good team and I have heard Breathing Space is really good so you are lucky to be under them.

Hope you feel better



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