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Light Asthma Recovery

Hi, I'm hoping to gain some insight from people who have overcome their asthma. I would range my asthma as quite light. I had it when I was younger, and I overcame it after a few years of running and physical activities.

Many years later, I stopped working out, and it's compiled. Couple that with living with cats and dogs, my asthma returned. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of weak lung and the agitation brought on by animals.

In anycase, I went to go visit my parents, and decided to go for a walk. 30 seconds walking up a hill i had an asthma attack. Took awhile to calm down, got an inhaler and crashed. I eventually started pushing. Started walking everyday, too spurts of jogs - walking. Now I can do a decent jog for 6-10 minutes without stopping. It's slowly getting better. I've found the most intense method is hill climbs. It's taken awhile to get a breathing rhythm that doesn't collapse or spiral out of control. But it's still very, very weak. It's almost as if Im on the edge everytime. Which is fine. But I wonder if there are more efficient ways of strengthening my lungs.

I go out everyday for about 45min. It's not much, but it's about as much as I can do atm while running in the mountains here. It's very hilly. My energy levels are very poor, so this is the current balance I can do at one sitting.

I wonder if this is not enough though. once a day is a great boost, but I query if im not challenging my lungs enough throughout the day. Is it better to have perhaps 2-3 points throughout the day where I challenge my body/lungs, so they are active more often. Versus a one time session? I suppose this isn't rocket science, I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through a similar point in their lives and actually come out ontop in regards to asthma. I'm very much in the dark here, with no real plan.

I'm leaning towards a general workout in the morning and running in the evening. Perhaps a quick light work out mid day just to stimulate my lungs again before I run in the evening. The only problem is energy levels. I'm not aware of true effective breathing exercises that will truly help with strengthening my lungs. I guess I can google this. However if anyone knows of any breathing techniques that truly work, I would be very interested in learning about them.

Thanks for reading

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I'm sure your intentions are pure, but I question the validity of someone who promotes their own business on a forum where people are dealing with issues that can be alleviated by lifestyle changes.

Sorry, judging how you just hit 7 different threads, it's not a good way of helping people in my opinion. I came here for advice from people who have stepped through their challenges with asthma, as I'm sure many have. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but trying to sell a product on forums like these is not very appealing, or trustworthy.


Really sorry that you feel this way.

I have absolutely no intention of forcing these products onto you or anyone else. I just feel passionately about sharing the possibilities that they could hold for anyone who might be looking for an alternative.

I thought your forum post, as well as a lot of the others were too.. was inviting any one wanting to offer advice to speak out and that was mine.

I wish you all the best for the future in coping with your asthma.



Hi JustMe

It sounds as if you're really working at getting your lungs under control - I wish I was as organised.

I too have problems with exercise but I have found that I can swim for a good hour without problems (except being bored!) but I usually only do about half an hour before work in the morning because the pool doesn't open until 6:30. I know a lot of people find that the humidity or the chemicals annoy their lungs and I admit that I sometimes have to leave the pool without my swim but on the whole I find it very effective and if you are near to a pool it could fit into your daily routine too.

My other thought would be that riding a bike might be helpful, especially if you have somewhere that doesn't have any traffic.

For the record, I share your doubts about the motives of Georgie 259 and do not think that this forum is the place for trying to make money out of people's health problems. I hope that nobody stops using their prescribed medication in favour of untested herbal remedies.

I hope your exercise routine is successful.



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