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Consultant upsets/confuses me so much! help!

Hi lovely asthma people!

this site has been wonderful over the past few years I just wish I had it b4 when my eldest son in and out of hospital. i am very confused right now after having suffered from most of my 35 + years my consultants is now diagnosis. talked about a kick in the teeth having to put up did it and its impact on my family's for so long. until recently I was on Cetirizine, Fostair, Montelukast and Salbutamol with Pred stock for use when necessary.

fast here after increasingly out of control asthma I was referred to respiratory consultant conductedtests including mannitol challenge cardiopulmonary exercise tests for allergy sensitivity I didn't do reversibility testthe mannitol challenge came back negative and blood tests showed dust mite sensitivity only..the cardio pulmonary test showed some hyperventilation. consequently despite multiple attacks through out my life which has impacted my career and ability to care for my children the consultant is suggesting I don't have asthma, but anxiety!! I am so confused and insulted as I required 4 coursses of prednisolone over 8 months of last year end my son was hospitalized 10 times with severe asthma previous years my other son also hospitalized with a severe exacerbation. just to confuse me more he is happy too give me my own stock of prednisolone to self administer when necessary yet has taken me off the montelukast & Fostair. Get impression wants to discharge me now he has referred me to physio for hyperventilation!

Any advice gratefully received Many thanks in advance, :-)

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Anyone?! X


Hi just read your post. I have just posted something on another post with regard to anxiety and asthma. I too have had major confusion between what comes first the anxiety or the asthma.

In a 'bet' with consultant - we have a very good relationship now - after many years ago I wrote to him and told him how upset he made me feel by treating me like any other asthmatic = when I and he knew my symptoms and issues were not in line with simple asthma.

Anyway - the bet we had was to to see who was right in the anxiety debate. I saw his nurse consultant who specialised in anxiety issues and realised very quickly my whole life is one big anxious mess.

But - after a few years of therapy I still get breathless every day - I still can't work or even hoover my own house. - but I do get help with my anxiety and depression.

I believe strongly the two are very much linked.


Ventolin and the numerous preventers and steroids mess with the adrenal system and heart rate to such a degree that ongoing anxiety and depression are side effects. Don't let GPs with little understanding (many have no understanding of asthma) fob you off. Asthma is highly sensitive to environmental pressures.


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