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I do not do it in halves. I got a cold and 5 days later I have pneumonia. Got the works antibiotics that give diahorrea, prednisone 40mg, saline nebs and salbutamol 2.5mg nebs. Plus the rest of normal meds.

I am back to square one. Breathless in everything and respiratory nurse ringing me daily.

Will have to start rehabilitation all over again.

I hate it how you achieve lots then end up back to start.

It like a real life version of snakes and ladders.

Anyone else slide down a snake due to an infection recently?

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I know EXACTLY how you feel!

I was finally doing better. For a like a day I was functioning like a normal person and then bam - another cold which went straight to my chest. I was just starting to reduce my pred but no, back to 8 a day. Just starting to turn a corner now after nearly a week on antibiotics. It's so fraustrating as life won't stop when I'm ill and it's got to the point now where it almost feels normal to be ill. The only good thing this time is that I've not needed to use the nebuliser, just Fostiar every 4 hours. Small mercies I suppose...

To add to my tale of woe I was expecting to see a specialist next month (at last) but I got another letter today to say they are moving the date back another month for some reason. So bummed out that I'm having to wait longer to get another opinion. I know my doctor is generally doing all the right things but I just feel like they're sick of seeing me, or lat least hoping not to have to deal with me til I've seen the consultant. Sorry for the rant and sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I hope you feel better soon but know that you're definitely not alone! :)



Hi BexRee

I have a brilliant consultant at my local hospital and he has a fantastic team of respiratory nurses. I have spoken to nurse most days so far this month. I am on my second lot of antibiotics and have still managed to cough all night. It is times like this when I hate having asthma! It is so draining.

I was relieved to hear I am not alone in suffering a setback.


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