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Finding out triggers


Can anyone suggest any ways to work out what might be triggering my asthma. There are some things that I know definitely trigger my asthma like smoke, feather duvets/pillows and Christmas trees! I have hay fever which doesn't seem to be much of a problem at the moment as I'm taking hay fever tablets. But I can't quite seem to work out why my asthma won't settle down and 'get out of the way' like it always used to. I'm currently using my reliever inhaler most days once or twice but at seemingly random times with no apparent correlation to what I'm doing or where I am. Has anyone any suggestions of how to work out whats triggering it.



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The only thing I can really think of is to keep a detailed symptom/activity diary. If you look at the information on possible triggers at the top of the page, then it can give you some ideas of things to keep a note of (food, exercise, pollen count etc) and then you can work out if there are any correlations.

It might also be worth asking GP to do some allergy testing to help you identify if there are any significant allergens you're being exposed to (and it can help eliminate some of the things you need to record)

It might be that the hayfever is playing into the asthma, even if the anti-histamines are controlling the 'usual' hayfever symptoms, it might be that they're not really controlling the asthma side of things!

Whilst you're identifying triggers it might be worth asking GP to step-up your preventative medication to get your asthma back under control, you shouldnt be needing your reliever inhaler more than 2/3 times a week ideally!


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