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Feeling Happy :-)

My lungs passed the ultimate test this morning!!!

I've been ill for quite some time, started with a severe chest infection in January and it took a long time for me to feel well again so i've been adding my activities back in gradually.

This morning is the first time i've fell well / confident enough to try the last thing i haven't done yet!

I went out and did nearly 3 miles run and my chest felt quite tight afterwards, needed 4 puffs over about 10 minutes to sort it but i then went into the leisure centre and did 50 lengths of the pool in 40 minutes and felt really strong!

Even better i haven't spent the day coughing like i used to do before i was put on Seretide in December!!!

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I'm so pleased you have had a very good day, may they continue for you. ?


So happy for you jinglfairy!

There's nothing better than being able to workout properly :)

Hope this continues for you!


That's so good to hear. I'm delighted for you.


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