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2 year old with asthma

Looking for a bit of advice. My son is 2 and has quite bad asthma, he has been admitted 3 times in 7 weeks. He currently takes seritide 125 and montelukast 4mg.

He has an asthma plan but last attack didn't go through any zones straight from green to red, what I would like to know is last admittance all his usual signs were there dark eyes, cold, persistant cough, grunting and stomach working hard and the new cheeks. Tonight he is sitting here seeming to be well but 2 cheeks are bright red again, not hot to the touch, not sun burn or teething but exact same as last week when asthma got bad gave him a little calpol and anti histamin 30 mins ago. Does anyone know if this is another sign as it has only just showed in last attack which was the worst. I am going to speak to his asthma nurse tomorrow just thought id ask. Thanks in advance


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How was your son after the anti histamines?? Hope things calmed down for him.

I haven't seen the red cheeks in my daughter, she usually looses all colour before an attack.

Sorry can't be of help, just wondered how you got on.


Since last post he has two more admissions. Not really sure if anti histamin is making much difference as the attacks are becoming more frequent. He cant get skin allergy testing due to steroids everytime he is in so now they are going to do it through bloods. Asthma nurse thinks pollen is one of main triggers. not really sure how to get round that one even with the loratidine. x


Sorry to hear he's still struggling. Has he had the allergy tests yet??


Hi sorry just noticed this. Yes hes had tests posted positive for rabbits, horses, cats, dogs, grass, eggs and aspergillious. We had a rabbit got rid day after resulta. Aspergillious is totally new on me and im stupidly googling need to stop and just talk to asthma nurse. xx


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