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What just happened?!

Hi guys

Just freaked myself out a little, can anyone explain this?

I've been struggling with asthma all week, brought on by hay fever. I've increased my inhalers but haven't noticed any difference yet. Today has been worse than normal, but then I have been carrying heavy shopping up steep hills all day so that might be it! I've just got into bed and suddenly couldn't catch my breath at all and was breathing like I'd just finished a marathon! It took 4 puffs of ventolin before I felt like I was getting any air in and a couple more puffs before I could have some control over my breathing and force myself to calm down. I still can't take breaths as deep as I want to but I feel ok, just shaky from the ventolin. I really don't know what this was of why it happened. Maybe I'm just being paranoid because I know I'm on my own.

I just feel very alone right now and bed some reassurance. Usually the second I have issues with asthma I can message my flatmates and they'll be there instantly. If for some reason they aren't around I have friends who live nearby. Unfortunately I've come back to uni before them and so I'm in an empty flat.

Can I have a virtual hug please?

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You poor thing I hope that you are starting to feel better now. Asthma can be so scary at times can't it.

Virtual hugs to you.

Take care and stay safe.


whereabouts in the country are you?

There's particularly high pollution levels in parts of the country today especially in the South, maybe this has had an effect on you?



Thank you asthmagirl and jinglfairy.

I feel better today, just very short of breath and a bit achy.

I've added in an extra antihistamine, but I don't know how effective it will be. Last year I used ceterizine, loratadine and acrivastane together and still had symptoms. I checked the boots website and I've tried everything they sell which is annoying.

I'm in Yorkshire, I'm not sure about the pollen count here. My hay fever doesn't seem to correlate with the pollen count, just because I'm awkward!


Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose hayfever doesn't correlate with the pollen count. In fact, I'm more likely to get hayfever if it's raining and the pollen count is therefore 'low', even in cow parsley season (usually May) which we are fairly certain I'm allergic to.

Glad you're feeling better.


It's so frustrating isn't it Maggie!

I hate when friends tell me ' it can't be hay fever because the pollen count is low'! That's just like saying ' you can't be tired because you're awake' in my opinion.


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