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Rehabilitation tips?


I'm currently on yet another dose of antibiotics and prednsiolone having started with infection after infection since October last year. It all came to a head on 2nd March when I was blue lighted to my local ED with an asthma attack. No one seemed to take me seriously that I was short of breath on exertion - ""It's that time of year"" and no one picked up my repeated anitibiotics and steroids - ""It's that time of year"". I eventually made it back to work last Monday and started with another chest infection and by Thursday my peak flow was close to when I had been admitted last time. Back to high dose steroids. Went to the ED on Sunday as I felt awful. Basically antibiotics weren't working so on different ones. Things seem to be slowly improving.

Has anyone got any tips on how to help my rehab? I've got quite a physical job (at times) but I'm not sure how far to push myself.

Esca x


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