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HELP REQUIRED ASAP- bubbling crackles peak flow <

Hi all

woke up this morning peak flow 230 now risen to 370 usual peak flow is usually 450 500 but can still hear bubbling and crackling in lungs especially when breathing in but is also happening on breathing out. also coughing. Have taken puff of ventolin and still the same should i call OOH or go to local minor injuries not sure what to do

any advice helpful

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Hi Lola,

Do you have a written asthma action plan?

I think you probably either need to go to A&E or see a GP within 24 hours.

If your peak flow is below 250 (your 50%), your struggling to walk or talk, your reliever isn't having an effect, or your needing your reliever more than every 4 hours, then you need to go to A&E. Otherwise make sure you see a GP within 24 hours, and get examined.

Hope you're better soon.


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