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Recovery and Getting back to Work

Hi everyone,

Apologies for another post!

I was wondering 1) if anyone has any tips for recovering after a bad exacerbation?

And 2) if anyone has any suggestions/ found anything helpful in terms of work adjustments to help get back to work?

[I've been off work 4 1/2 weeks now & really want to get back, but seem to be having a slow and fluctuating recovery. I'm currently back on 40mg prednisolone and 3-4 times daily nebs (I left hospital on 20mg prednisolone and no nebs almost 3 weeks ago!). I get better for a few days and start weaning the prednisolone and then get worse again, don't think I'm any better than I was 2 weeks ago.]

How do other members try to help themselves recover? Do you try to push yourself to increase your exercise tolerance each day, or do you vary it depending on how your body feels that day? Are there any exercises/ supplements / foods you try? (I'm currently trying omega 3 oils, oral magnesium, apples&ginger for anti inflammatory properties). Any other tips?

Has anyone had any adjustments to help return to work? I'm currently having trouble getting access to occupational health (soonest appointment is 5 weeks away!). I was guessing things that might help would be -

reduced hours to start with,

being allowed to work from home if feasible (less allergens & less energy needed),

having an on-site parking space temporarily,

having a semi-private space to take a nebuliser if needed,

and possibly something to do with cleaning sprays/ perfumes & aerosols.....

Thank you so much again for sharing your experiences & advice!


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