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Asthma and nebulisers


I have had very difficult asthma all my life. A few months ago I caught pneumonia and while I got slightly better I have never really recovered. Over the last couple of weeks my inhalers seemed to stop helping me completely. Unfortunately I don't respond to steroid pred no matter how high the dose. My ventolin relived also seemed to stop helping when I was struggling a little. The gp has referred me to the hospital however it will take a while to be seen

It seems to take lots of ventolin just to get rid of a little wheeze. Is it worth asking the gp for ventolin nebules so that I am not going through so much inhaler for every tiny wheeze until I can see the consultant? I already have a nebuliser from a few years ago and have not used it for a long while. I could easily get it serviced.

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Hi Kitty,

sorry to hear your having a difficult time at the moment.

there would be no harm in asking your gp about using a home neb again if you felt you need to

I know some gp's including my own are quite reluctant to people having home nebs and argue that spacer and inhaler are just as effective and having a nebuliser at home may make some people delay getting help in an emergency.

I do have a home nebuliser which I use however, I have strict instructions from my GP, consultant and asthma nurse- and am told if my peak flow hits 50% I should seek help immediately regardless, but my health care professional realise if I did not have this I would probably be In a and e at least twice a week- I have been in a and e 7 times since December and had two admissions this year with my asthma which has quite well controlled until September last year. I too have an awful wheeze which gets progressively worse throughout the day.

hope this helps




I have been given new Ipratropium bromide nebules. They seem to work wonders, I'm now much better and although I'm still not 100% I feel a lot better. Hoping the consultant will keep me on these as they are working really well. Also been given ventolin nebules to use once in the morning as preventative and only until an ambulance arrives in an emergancy.



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