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4 year old on montelukast but not helping

Hi, I'm new here and have joined as my 4 year old son is really struggling with his asthma. Since last July it's gone from bad to worse. He started off needing his blue inhaler more, then went to brown which helped for a little while then onto seretide a few months ago and using his blue before going outside and before PE etc more recently montelukast too. He's also had repeated chest infections and so far has already had 3 weeks and 3 days off school since sept just due to asthma and chest infections.

I'm just looking for advice really. He's just nearly finishing a course of steroids and clarithrymycin but sounds no better. I have taken him back to the gp today who said his chest is clearer but she's concerned about repeated struggles he's having so has referred us to the hospital. We're up to him several times a night to and it takes a good while to settle him.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Oscar's mum, Sorry to hear about Oscar, we went through similar with my son at that age (he's 17 now). He used to catch a lot of colds leading to chest infections, especially whenever he started a new term at school. He had a lot of time off school but his health came before anything and I never hesitated to keep him off. We found Montelukast helped when he was first put on it (at about 7), he's still on it, also quite a lot of other medication.

I havent got any specific advice, except multi-vits may help to boost Oscar's immune system. Hopefully the consultant will be able to help, there's a lot they can do.

Good luck and I hope things improve.


This sounds very similar to my 2 and a half year old son he got his asthma diagnoses at 22 mths, he also has montelukast . Up until jan he had the brown and blue inhaler then was put on seritide 50mg, however he took bad attack 3 weeks ago and seritide increased to 125mg. He also needs 2 puffs of blue before any activity. I had to start multi dosing again this morning so I think I will probably need to call his asthma nurse in morning as he is leaving green zone and going into orange on his asthma plan, would like to catch it before we get to red. Cant really give any advice just sympathise and know what your going through, sounds like our kids are just vunerable when colds set in. Hope he is better soon


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