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Persistent attacks

I have a question if anyone can help, or relate too...

Since christmas I have had problems with my asthma.

I've had lots of colds/viruses which always acts as a trigger.

I was switched from becotide to seretide, which has subsequently increased to 250mg three times a day. And I keep having courses of steroids.

But the asthma never gets completely better. I still have to use ventolin several times a day.

Things become manageable for about two weeks, then it starts up all over again.

My gp wants me to have an asthma review with the nurse, but says I need about six weeks after finishing steroids or I will get a false reading, which will make things seem better than they are.

I feel like I'm on a loop, going round and round, and unable to stop it.

I'm struggling to walk more than a couple of minutes without being breathless and wheezes. I'm currently on prednisilone, and things are improving, but never get to a really good point. I told the Dr I saw last week, and whilst she gave a sympathetic look, and suggested i taper of the pred ..6 for five days, then four, then two, I feel like this isn't being dealt with.

I'm getting frustrated and upset, as I don't know how to get things sorted.

I have an appointment with my usual gp first April so will raise these issues then.

Does anyone have similar roundabout they are on, or any ideas how to get of it.

Thanks for listening

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I am going through the same kind of thing. It gets very depressing! I wish I could give you advice but I am in the same boat and it's effecting every part of my life I can barely walk round my house today.

If I have any revelations that work for me I will let you know. I hope things improve for you quickly I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy




Sorry to hear you are both not feeling great. Are you seen at the hospital? If not I would ask to be referred. I was on Seretide 250 four puffs a day and Montelukast when I was referred because I was constantly needing pred. I would never get to the end of a taper before it kicking off again and needing a lot of Ventolin. The nurse at the hospital still thinks I should have been referred earlier. It may take a while to get answers but they have many more tests to get to the bottom of the flakes and lots of different treatment ideas. They introduced another drug called theophylline which helped a bit but the main thing that made a difference to me was that I now have a Flixotide inhaler which is the same steriod in Seretide. This is a huge dose of inhaled steriod but much better than pred. I can now alter the dose according to how I am feeling and my peak flow so I don't take it if I am well but can go up to four puffs a day if necessary therefore doubling my steriod. I have only had 2 weeks of pred in the last six months compared to be on it nearly all the time this time last year.

I hope you feel better soon


Sorry to hear you are both struggling. It is the time of year for colds and viruses which is never good for people with Asthma.

If your needing quite a few courses of prednisilone its clear your asthma is not under control. When you get given prednisilone is it just a short course and is it given because you have an infection or are just very wheezy etc?

I understand what your Dr is saying about seeing your asthma nurse but leaving it a bit after stopping being on the red and this will also give a chance for the Seretide inhaler to work and take effect to. You don't want to go to the Asthma nurse and get a false positive and they send you away saying your fine but still having a lot of problems.

Do you do a peak flow diary? If not it might be an idea for about a month or so before you see your asthma nurse for review to keep a peak flow diary to see if there are any trends in the pattern or to see if night or morning is worse then your medication can be tweaked a bit.

I hope the switch to Seretide might help. Its a combination inhaler so has an inhaled steroid in it as well as a long acting bronchodilator. Do you use a MDI device (the one you spray) or a dry powder device such as an accuhaler? If you use an MDI it might be that you need your technique reviewed to make sure you get the most out of your inhaler by making sure you take it correctly. I have been asthmatic for 29 years and still get told overtime I see the asthma nurse something is wrong with my inhaler technique!!!!

I hope as spring approaches your chest settles down and you don't need so many courses of prednisilone and things improve for you.

Take care



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