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Advise please :-)

Hi all,

I've been struggling with my Asthma for the last few weeks, I've had 2 courses of steriods 1 lot of antibiotics, my steriod inhaler morning and night and my blue inhaler 6 puffs 6 times a day. And I'm still struggling and wheezy, what should I do? Go walk in, go hospital? Or go to doctors on Monday? Or any other suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks x

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Hi Hlou,

Sorry to hear your asthma's been bad.

You sound like you need to see a doctor within 24 hours at the most - so either walk in or hospital,

If you're finding it difficult to talk in complete sentences, your peak flow is less than 50% or your blue inhaler isn't working, then you need to go to hospital / call an ambulance.

If you are needing 6 puffs of your blue inhaler, six times a day - I'd be inclined to say you're better going to A&E.

Ask for an asthma management plan as well - you can download a blank one from the website to bring with you. It really helps to identify when you need to seek help & what level of help you need.

Hope you feel better soon!


Thank you for you reply, I went down to walk in and the receptionist suggested I go AE for a chest X-ray which I did and all is clear thankfully. Still feeling tight chested and groggy but least there's no infection. My stomachs muscles are killing though so trying hard not to cough unless desperate lol. I've got an Asthma review booked in on Tuesday so hopefully get some advise there to help me manage better.


Hi Hlou,

I'm glad you got seen to, and also that your asthma review isn't far away.

I overheard a chest physio giving a tip for painful coughing - try hugging a pillow against your tummy/chest when you need to cough - it might help to support you. Might be worth a try.

If you're bringing stuff up when you cough then you need to try & find a way to still be able to cough it up, to prevent infection. If it's just a dry cough, then suppress away!


Lol my pillow is my new best friend as well as crouching over forward in a ball, yeah coughing stuff up so do need to cough a fair bit :-( x


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