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seritide 125, for 2 year old

Hi everyone, just looking for some feed back. My 2 yr old son was diagnosed with asthma at 22 months after several mini attacks. Last Tuesday he had a move severe one which had him oxygen dependent for 4 days with nebulisers every 2 hours. Before January he was on the ventolin, clenil and montelucus 4mg then changed to seritide 50. After this attack he has been put up to seritide 125 and so far what I have read this dose doesn't seem to be something they like to do with kids. It was a paediatric doctor that done this so I tend to think and hope they know best just wondering if anyone else's young children are on these doses and your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Eileen

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I'm sorry to hear your little man has had a tough time

I recall my daughter being on that dose aged 2 too. With his history, I'm sure the paediatric docs are aware what they need to do.

I hope it helps and things calm down for you. It can be so so scary watching your little one struggling to breathe.


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