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Daughter as raised ige levels

My daughter is 8 years old as was diagnosed quite Young with asthma at the age of 1...she also had sleep apnea and at 15 months had her tonsils removed and from then until a year ago she had no asthm symptons and was taken off all medication...January 2014 she had a asthma attack and was admitted into hospital and since then as had a few hospital admissions and her treatment is currently montelukast,citirizine,seretide 125mcg 2 puffs twice a day..she as regular spirometry done which is low...her feno is high...she's had skin prick allergy testing in which she's positive to cats and grass and recently as had bloods done which have come back with a ige level of 1534...asthma nurse at the hospital rang me with the results and will discuss it further in next clinic appt...I was wondering what other treatment could she have on top of what she's taking now!

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Gosh your daughter was young to be diagnosed and Im sorry she is having a bit of a tough time with it. Her lung function results are not surprising to me given what you have said in your post. The FeNo shows the amount of inflammation in her lungs which seems to be quite high. Her IgE level is high which might mean she would qualify for Xolair which is a relatively new treatment which helps the more allergic asthma. You need to have an IgE above a certain level to qualify so that might be something worth discussing with her Dr.

Is she under a specialist consultant at one of the big hospitals or just your local hospital. If it is your local hospital it might be worth asking for a referral to one of the tertiary centres where they can run more specialised tests and get a better idea of your daughters asthma and different ways to manage it.

It is hard with her being so young you ideally don't want to go down the long term steroid route or any of the more potent drugs such as theophylline at such a young age. There is a lot of options though which she could still try.

My first thing though would be to ask about Xolair.

Hope this helps.



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