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need help and advice

Hiall i hope to get some advice and reassurance. I have post here before i am a severe brittle asthmatic and the asthma is very poorly controlled the specialists are struggling to get it under control. I have just got out of hospital i was rushed in on tuesday afternoon blue lights full works etc, i was treated very poorly in a n e in which a formal complaint has been sent as it has left me feeling very upset. I stayed in overnight but pestered to go he due to experience in resus a n e

first query is my consultant writes on all my letters sere difficult asthma as dx, though in an e discharge note to gp it states dx was bronchial asthma and chest infection i get the chest infection part granted but can't uderstamd wh they didn't use the usual terminology used ny my specialist ?

secondly i have began having seizures again the paramedics said they were hypoxic seizures yet one dr in a n e said it asnt a seizure depute paramedics my carers anrelatives witnessing it all i had about 6 in ambulance n my sats war 83 surely paramedics can't be wrong and others who saw it. i have temporal lobe epilepsy anyway and i have variety of different types of seizures depending upon the triggers. usually grand mal. i am left feeling shaken and scared as i am so poorly i can't wait to get my appointment through for the neurologists he wanted to seems next week but heard nothing.

has anyone else had similar experiences or has same symptoms i feel so alone an scared to seek help now

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Hi TGreaves,

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences.

I wouldn't worry too much about the terminology being different - there are lots of different terms that can be used & your GP will know from your consultant letters that your asthma falls into the 'severe difficult' category which is the main thing.

With regards to the seizures - there are a number of other things that can look like seizures and the doctors are the most likely people to be able to tell whether it's a seizure or something that looks like a seizure. So it is possible that the doctor is right even if the paramedics & family thought it was a seizure - but it could also be that the doctor's wrong in this case. You wouldn't be alone in having something that medical professionals debate over whether its a seizure or not!

I hope that your neurology appointment comes through soon. In the meantime - if you feel like you need help, ask for it.

Hope you get well soon.


hi i been having seizure for years so we know what are seizures he was just being an arse as temporal lobe epilepsy shows in many diff ways it really upset me, i have neurology apt this week


Certain types of siezures can be ruled out by blood test results - hypoxic siezures tend to be at very low sats, people vary with how well they feel at different oxygen levels but in terms of physiological effects we are usually pretty similar. Altough hypoxia triggering epileptic siezures may happen more easily.

The dianosis at discharge changes a fair bit. Bronchial asthma is the same thing so it doesnt matter, they've not got it wrong, its just different terminology!


Had neurology apt today cinfirmed they were hypoxic seizures n it is my asthma which is triggerring the epilepsy, meds have been increased doubled, then in few weeks not much change increase again. , he will see me in three months but got to be with gp in between then. Right side much weaker than left.these lungs have a lot to answer for, feeling fed up with it all , mixed views re next resp apt but def have to go now after today I go every two weeks but cancelled this week due to my child's health.


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