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Is this YOUR Asthma, Asthma and extreme tiredness

Is this you?

Colds, Chest infections, Viral feelings and bad exercise recovery?

Here is me: I am still not convinced.

1/ Chest actual pain or sorts or like wearing a tight belt.

2/ Very painful after running, a wet, burning, wheezing pain, which lasts for around 90 minutes after running or sprinting.

3/ Slow muscle recovery most of the time from training.

4/ Late nights or alcohol consumption can knock me out of sync.

5/ Sleeping for hours and still being tired.

6/ Waking up groggy and with no energy.

7/ Feeling like constantly have some viral infection of mild sort.

8/ Frequent cold symptoms. Rarely full blown colds.

I take Clenil - 4x puffs each day

Purple Inhalor does not work - and made me worse.

Blue inhalor has little if any affect.

Worried I will never get rid of this.

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Hi there, aw sorry to hear about your struggles......sounds to me as though you may also have some allergies? pollen can cause like constant cold like symptoms, even at the start of the year (tree pollens) which can in turn make you feel very tired. I completely suffer the same as you after a run, the exact same problems, i'm supposed to take my blue Ventolin before any exercise but if your blue inhaler has no effect then you may need to try another medicine? Some alcohols, i have found, make your asthma worse, usually straight away (coughing/tight chest) I suffer with running nose most of the year & have had several colds over this last Winter, i'm just starting to get over the last of the coughing now, but then my reactions to tree pollens seem to set me back again! i tried the purple inhaler & it didn't work for me either, & the pink inhaler made my asthma worse as soon as i took it, the asthma nurse said not many people could take it, which was really annoying as i liked the colour of it! lol.

I'm now of Flutiform, the middle strength one, 2 puffs twice a day which is a preventer & long acting blue inhaler in one & a separate Ventolin as needed. Had a check up this morning actually & my peakflow was down, probably due to all these colds!

I really think you need to make an appointment with your Asthma nurse & talk this through with them & tell them you're not happy with your inhalers & they'll change them for you, i've changed mine so many times, it's your health so you need to sort it out. As for the cold symptoms, sounds like airbourne allergies, try Piriton & see what happens......hope you feel much better VERY soon ;O)


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