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Advise please

My beautiful sister aged 23, called me to ask of I could take her to the a&e department, where the local walk in centre is. I took her and went in with her after her being very short of breath and wanted to ensure the doctor knew how bad this was, we were only able to see the nurse who have her the mask and a new prescription for steroids and a new inhaler- a purple one. I'm sorry for my lack of medical terms for prescriptions. See was told that she could go and to come back of she got worse, I took her to the local adds to get the prescription and dropped her off at home, 40 mins later she phoned me screaming and then collapsed, an ambulance attended and she was taken to hospital. She was pronounced dead when I arrived there. She died of severe acute asthma.

I have since found out that when calling an ambulance when she was still conscious they told her to go to the walk in. I have also been told by the ambulance driver that the first response car was told not to bother going which he was annoyed about.

My sister leaves behind two amazing young children. Does this sound like medical negligence?

Thank you

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OMG, this is SO sad & awful, i couldn't believe what i was is a terrible loss for all involved....i'm so my opinion i would say that this is definite negligence & i would be fighting for some sort of justice. I don't think a lot of doctors/nurses take asthma seriously enough, she should have stayed at the walk in A&E longer than she did & be monitored. Sometimes i think the NHS lets the public down, badly. She shouldn't have died & as for the first response car not turning up because they were told not to is utterly disgraceful. I hope all involved know the awful outcome of their actions, or lack of them. Best wishes xxx


I am so so sorry to hear this

What a terrible thing to happen.

It sounds as though the a and e department were seriously at fault.

Sadly not all medical professionals accept just how serious athsma can be, and therefore don't take the necessary steps or care

I'm stunned to hear what has happened

I hope you can get some answers from the medical teams involved.



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