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Problems with asthma advice needed

Hi, I've just joined this forum and would be grateful for some advice on my asthma.

I have had asthma for 22 years but I've only had 1 hospital admission in that time as usually my asthma is well controlled, but concern is that I had some pain on the left hand side of my chest which triggered a cough, wheezing and shortness of breath for almost 2 weeks now.

My GP has increased my blue and brown inhalers which don't seem to be helping and my usual peak flow is 400-450 it's been 250-300 for the last two weeks, I'm not sure whether to try and get an emergency appointment at my GP surgery or get in touch with the NHS out of hours team or A+E I personally think I need a nebuliser as I've found them helpful in the past.

But I'd appreciate some advice, I always feel like I'm wasting people's time if I went to hospital or out of hours



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Hi Nicky,

If you're getting symptoms now (wheezing, Breathless etc) and your blue inhaler isn't giving you any relief, I would call 111 for advice

Otherwise I would get a doctors appointment ASAP. I've had just had a very similar set of symptoms building up, which lead to an attack (not a hospital visit thankfully)and a weeks worth of steroids and antibiotics

Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks Sunny,

I'm going to phone the doctors first thing in the morning, I'm exhausted from all the coughing and shortness of breath

I hope your feeling better after your attack and glad you didn't have to visit the hospital


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