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Hi there

I had a recent exacerbation, which resulted in two courses of prednisilone.

While things are improving, I'm far from back to normal.

I also take seretide. For a couple of months I've been having four puffs twice a day of 125,

Tried to get appointment with my usual gp who knows me and my asthma. Could not get one.

Spoke to triage nurse explained that I wss still struggling getting breathless and tight chested and using lots of ventolin.

She told me too much ventolin will make you breathless and that I couldn't see gp till next Monday.

I insisted I see someone sooner had this conversation Wednesday. Got appointment today.

Saw a different gp this afternoon.

I'm miffed to say the least. He was thorough, checked the problem wasn't with my heart, has ordered a chest X-ray to be safe.

He said because I don't have a wheeze it may not be asthma. I know I have asthma, have had it for a long time, and asked if taking ventolin helped. I said yes, I wouldn't use it if it didn't.

Anyhow he's increased my inhaler to 250 seretide and to take four puffs a day, and suggested taking it through the day when I'm. Breathless. This works out the same dose I'm already on. Feel a bit as though I'm being not taken seriously

I will do as suggested. But feel really upset that he was saying if you don't wheeze it's unlikely to be asthma.

I the meantime I'm still out of puff when I do anything, and tight chested and coughing when it gets hard to breath.

Whilst he's tring to rule out anything else, which is good, why can't doctors and nursing accept that people are different and different people present with different symptoms.

I feel days though I'm not being heard.

Sorry didn't mean to have a moan, just needed to off load.

I'm still on a phased return to work, because of the asthma.

And can't do things I want to.

Isn't the aim supposed to be to be symptom free.

So I've decided to do what I want to, make sure I have inhalers on me follow instructions given by gp and see what happens.

Thank you for listening


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Hi Dizzy, sorry to hear all this but believe me, you are not alone. It is beyond me that so many GPs do not understand the variabilities of asthma. We are very fortunate that my teenage son was referred to a specialist respiratory team and they have been great. I know it's really difficult and frustrating but hang on in there and don't hesitate to go back to surgery if things don't improve. Also, see if you can get a referral.

Best wishes,



Thanks Angie

I know it's a common problem, unfortunately.

Just irritating.

But I will go with the flow and go back if I need to.



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