How you feel after you've done some cardio exercise

Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice.. My doctor says he think's I have adult onset asthma, I've been taking my brown inhaler for 18 days now, yet when I do cardio exercise when I stop my chest feels sore & I need to cough quite a lot to try and clear all the phlegm for about 15 minutes, is this something that is normal for people with asthma, or something that should go away once the steroid inhaler has started working?

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  • Hi Dionne, I have had asthma since i was about 16-17 years old & mine started as nocturnal Asthma-wheezing & coughing at night time, but i get symptoms all the time now & have various triggers, exercise being one of them, especially on cold mornings, i can cough for up to 2-3 hours badly afterwards which is phlegmy & i have to use my blue inhaler usually on & off all day if it happens.

    I used to have 3 inhalers, now i just have 2, my blue one & a new combination one called Flutiform, which is a 2 in 1 inhaler, which isn't available everywhere yet, but 'if' i remember to use it everyday, twice a day, it does help to a certain degree, but sometimes it just doesn't! probably because i forget to use it, especially when i'm feeling symptom free!

    So yes it is normal for you to have these symptoms after exercise if you have asthma. Best thing to do is take a couple of puffs of your blue inhaler, half an hour before you start your exercise as this can help (i just forget or think, oh i'll be alright!) Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your reply. Do you find you have that happen after exercise even if your asthma is under control and you're not normally having to take your blue inhaler?

  • Hi! yes even when i'm not having any asthma symptoms, i can guarantee going for a run will set it off! especially on a cold morning, it normally starts after exercise, about 3-5 minutes after......

  • Sorry about all these questions :) I'm worried that by doing exercise will make my symptons much worse again over the next few days, but do you think that now I'm 18 days into my steroid inhaler that this should stop that from happening?

  • Hi, well in theory it should but to be honest, i haven't really been using my steroid one that much, that was until i picked up that cough & cold virus before Christmas, & still have the cough a bit, but i then started using my steroid inhaler as prescribed which has helped to settle things down a bit, but i think because i have had that virus, i probably have more phlem & because i haven't been taking my steroids, but exercise has always been a trigger for me, it may not be so bad for other asthmatics, everyones triggers are different, but my asthma nurse told me to take my blue inhaler before i do the exercise, which is what you should do & see how it goes......if you don't try it, you'll never know!

  • Yeah I always take it before exercise too. I also had an awful cold over Christmas and again in January. Thanks so much for your advice. :)

  • No problem :) i just don't know if i'll ever shake this cold off, i feel like i'm getting another one as the sneezing has started all over again! I wonder if it could be the daffodils i bought yesterday?! I seem to be getting allergic to more & more things as the years go by lol oh well life goes on i guess! I had another letter from the asthma nurse today to make another check-up appointment as i cancelled the last one (i was working so couldn't make it) i wonder what she'll say this time! last time she told me that if i wasn't careful, then i'm going to end up in A&E hehe, sorry but i just find it really hard to take it all so seriously (yep stupid i know) i have been on nebulisers before so i know how serious it can get but when you don't feel 'too' ill, it is just so easy to forget you even have asthma (until it flares up)

  • Blimey you need to make sure you're taking your preventer inhaler regularly then! I've had one thing after the other since Mid October! Viral infection/Colds/Coughs/, I'm wondering if I'm ever gonna feel well again! But feel bad moaning about it as I know it could be SO much worse. Take care.

  • Defo got yet another cold, i feel awful this morning! I'm taking lots of vitamins (always do) & i eat healthy & exercise regularly so i don't know why i keep picking up germs! Got to remember to take my inhaler! I think those daffodils bought in some germs! lol You take care too & hope your exercise goes ok this am with not too much wheezing afterwards :O)

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