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Alternatives for NSAIDs -Pain Relief

I've been suffering with muscle and joint pain for a few weeks which is down to a viral infection and has been treated in hospital. The doctors I have seen have said that NSAIDS would be best for treating this which I can't take so have been on co-codamol for this time. This is now causing problems with my stomach and could also be contributing to my headache according to the doctor. I have tried just paracetamol but it only takes the edge of the pain which I am told could last for several weeks/months. I am due to see my GP tomorrow and wondered if any one can suggest other pain relief I could try. I have also been using heat packs etc.

Many thanks

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tramadol are good if pain is severe


Hi Have you tried creams or gels which you just rub on in the effected area. Although I stay away from NSAIDs due to Asthma I can use the ibuprofen gel. Just a suggestion.


Nefopam is a good alternative if you can't taken anything like burfen. Even if you can't take NSAIDS orally the gels work well and won't cause any problems with your chest.


I can't take Ibuprofen or Asprin either and the stronger ones just knock me out - I passed out last time I took co-codamol and the last time I took ibuprofen I ended up in a and e. I recently had a lot of major dental work which involved 3 x 2-3 hour operations and the only thing I could take was paracetomol which didn't help much but could just make the pain bearable. I also had an ice pack for the pain and swelling. For muscle pain I have previously used the gels like ibulieve. Also, tiger balm is good for muscle aches and especially headaches. Apart from that I suggest rest, healthy food and plenty of fluids. Unfortunately I have just had to accept that I will have to grin and bear the pain. Hope you find something which helps you soon.


Hi Kayla,

My sympathies for your predicament. I had a dose of virally induced rheumatism (I think that's what they said it was) in both knees a few years back. It virtually crippled me. The doctor had to come out to see me as I could hardly walk at times, let alone drive!! With me, it was always worst in the morning when I'd just got out of bed.

This may sound weird, but in addition to the heat packs you've been using, you might want to try some gentle exercise to get your muscles and joints moving. Is there a nurse, or a physio you could ask about this at your local practice?


Hey Kayla,

It's been a trying few months here and pain is currently a huge issue. I'm admitted and my team have me on regular paracetamol and codeine - they are giving omeprazole and laxitives to help with stomach and bowel stuff. I'm also on oramorph and they've added in a new pain med called nefopam - I'd never heard of it before, but apparently is good for this type of pain. Like you I can't take ibuprofen as severely allergic to NSAIDS.

Hope things ease for you soon xxx


Hi everyone thank you for the replies. Sorry I didn't post earlier - to be honest I thought I had but it has a rough for months (and for once not really asthma wise).

I think I can safely say I am hoping this is a temporary thing as my body seems to hate anything which can make the pain go away!

To update, my GP gave me Tramadol and 24 hours later I couldn't even stand up, my head was spinning etc and I spent an evening in A&E (I'm having to be extra careful with the orginal virus as they thought I could develop encephalitis). I have since seen a neurologist as it is mostly severe headaches which are bothering me and they have advised against all opiates anyway. I was put on amitriptilylin which worked wonders but caused my blood pressure to drop very low (I have low blood pressure anyway) so had to come off that.

I saw my allergy consultant and asked about the gels as I get some joint pain still especially in my neck. He is of the opinion that it is not worth risking as I am actually allergic to NSAIDs (I have severe/anaphalyxsis reactions to many things including aspirin). However, I have been seeing an osteopath who is wonderful. I have been also doing pilates as my instructor is very good at rehabilation and injuries and Migraleve strips do help a little bit.

I am due to see my GP next week to renew my sick note and so will ask about nefopam. Is this for headaches or just pain in general? I am going to the headache clinic at the hospital next week too so they may just say wait to see what they say.

Laurs - I hope you are soon feeling better. I thought you hadn't been around for a while.


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