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Exhausted from episode- new at this!

Hi Guys, I was diagnosed with asthma after training for an event and not getting anywhere, realised wheezing wasn't normal! Been on Symbicort with a Reliever for exercising for a couple of years, never really had any issues. got my second cold of the season Jan 5th and it was an odd virus, coughing but non productive. After ten days it became apparent I was not getting better so went to docs... bit embarrassed to realise at that point that the asthma is in full on episode mode and I hadn't even twigged! Anyway, got a course of the steroid predis-wotsit for 4 days which calmed things a bit but it had not settled completely so went back to docs and was told double symbicort, use reliever and wait it out BUT (and here is what I really need help with) it has not gone and it is another week later, still seems to require some conscious effort to breathe. And the real annoyance... I am totally exhausted, can't do very much at all. Tried a run at the weekend and nearly passed out due to fatigue. How long is this exhaustion going to last??? It really seems like even tho I am spending plenty of time in bed I am completely un-rested in the morning, can hardly keep my eyes open at work and am yawning like my life depends on it. Doing anything else is out of the question.

I tried to make an appt with asthma nurse for this week but no joy an dam loathe to trouble docs again when they said it might take a while.

Any advie/ guidance greatly received as I am supposed to be running a trail half maratho in 12 days :(

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Your doctor seems useless! Go back & see a different doctor, it is no joke having asthma & your doctor ins't taking it seriously, you may need to have your meds reviewed/stronger does? just persist with the doctors ok :)


Obviously by now I am a lot better. Turns out it was a side effect of steroids, I'd have thought someone on here would've known that.


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