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I've just been diagnosed with asthma it was triggered by pneumonia and bronchitis and I ended up in hospital

I have had a spirometry test which showed decreased lung function

am on ventolin 2 puffs 4 times a day and now Fostair 2 puffs twice a day but no improvement my gp says I need to wait for respiratory clinic but thats not until April

still tight chested and breathless also had stetoids but they didn't work either

any advice greatfully recieved


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What steroid dose wer u on and for how long? Do u have a spacer?


I was on 8 x 10mg tablets a day for two weeks then gradually cut down, yes I have a spacer thanks


That's a very high dose I would of thought that 80mg of pred would of gave u relief..:-( maybe speak to ur gp or asthma nurse about doubling up on ur fostair till things settle down.i used to be on fostair and found it was a very good inhaler I was on 4puffs twice daily but due to asthma becoming more brittle I'm now on Relvar Ellipta,spiriva respimat, maintenance pred and ventolin nebs as and when required..hope u get better soon I no how u feel


Im due to see my gp next week I will tell him I get very breathless with any exercise just walking around to pick my daughter up will say I can't continue like this, life just feels on hold


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