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feeling sorry for myself ;-(

Currently in bed feeling sorry for myself, any recommendations to while away the hours rather than just watching TV?

I've managed to get some wierd virus that's not quite a cold or sinus infection but my head is stuffy and I feel like I can't function. I was awake most of the night as my asthma has decided to join in, chest is really tight and peak flow is just managing 65%. I could really do with getting to the chemist to pick up more ventolin too, down to my last few puffs but I don't think i can make it there today ;-( daytime tv is so dull, need something else to take my mind off things

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It's awful isn't it. I think a lot of here can empathise. My mate has a broken leg at the min and is feeling low. I dare not say to her ""be thankful!,,,,, you can breath normally"" Well....... There are many many daft games on iPad and computers that can take many hours to find clues solve mysteries .... Kindle also is wonderful for free books and games. If you drive. Tuttle out somewhere to sit in warm car and listen to the afternoon play on radio 4. Amazon have choice of audio books. Lie in a lovely hot steam bath and listen to an audio book.

This is from some one who was so Ill and llow and depressed a few weeks ago I was considering the worst things ever. It will get better I promise


Thank you for your suggestions reen. It's miserable isn't it this being ill ....aah well my peak flow is preventing any activities so I'll have to put up with it.


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