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dirty rotten asthma & chest infection :-(

I'm fed up, it hurts to breathe!!!

I was up from about 3.30am this morning struggling to breathe and i've just got back from the doctor's. She said i've got a very bad chest infection, leading to an asthma flare and she's signed me off for a week starting today. I've also got a week's course of both antibiotics and steroids! She also wants me to go for a chest x-ray cos i mentioned that i coughed up a glob of blood on monday - even though at that point i actually felt ok otherwise. Oh what joy!!!! She also wants to see me on friday morning to check i'm starting to get better.

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I'm so sorry that you're feeling awful.

I do hope you start to feel better soon.

Take care.


Hey hope you feel better soon.

I feel ur pain I was still awake at 5am this morning could not sleep..think the steroids are to blame for that thou they always giv me insomnia.

Chin up pal


well, day 3 of meds and i'm feeling *very slightly* better, the cough has dried up a bit, it's still there but i'm not coughing up as much gunk and i've discovered a hot water bottle against my chest feels nice.

I'm being begged / demanded to go to a social / awards night tomorrow even if only for a short time - i suspect i've won an award, why ekse would the organiser be so desparate for me to be there. At the moment i'm thinking of messaging her tomorrow daytime to ask her outright, i know she may not tell me but if she does it may just sway my decision one way or the other


Hey jinglfairy

Hope you are feeling better today.im on a pred high today lol can't sit still ?

Hope you won a reward ?


hahaha i'm glad i don't get many pred side effects - just the munchies. The way i'm feeling now i couldn't imagine wanting to be on the go. All i've done for the past 3 days is sit on the couch and watch telly while also playing on the internet!!

I've decided i am going to message the organiser of the social / awards night to see if she'll tell me. Ironically it's a running group night and at the moment i can't walk far never mind run!!!


Glad to hear u dont get many side effects only the muchies?- i never get this n in fact the opposite most i can eat on these days is a toast n a banana in a day ( now drinking milkshakes n soups) or at least trying feel sorry for u being so bad but at least ur out of hossie which is all i m trying to achieve! So u achieved my milestone! What games r u playing? Getting bored now of everything but hope u get better n start teaching.


aww yas i know what you mean, i'm just playing facebook games and 'talking' to friends on skype. Luckily one of my best friends had a day off work today so he's been helping to keep me sane.

In one way i kind of wish i was in hospital - i might get treatment which works quicker in there, i'm fed up!!!

Annoyingly i get the munchies side effect but it's such an effort to eat so i'm just grazing when my stomach starts grumbling - and when i need to take the antibiotics cos i need food with them. mmm soup sounds nice but i'll have to do very small portions cos my normal size portion would be cold and nsaty before i got through it :-(


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