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New mummy here

Hi Everyone, I'm Amy, new to the site... finding the site very helpful and finally feeling a little better about my daughter... always been a wheezy child, poorly every other week with colds and cough.. recently been to A&E for nebuliser so many times it became scary... Mollie has now been put on the purple inhaler 2 puffs twice a day as the brown was not working.. obviously has the blue one for weezaing and attacks of breathlessness

just starting to deal with the seriousness of asthma really and been aware of triggers... We have a lovely consultant, and are going back in a few weeks.. did anyone right down daily activities to try figure of triggers? any help would be great... xxxxx

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i hope your little one is getting better!

we have been through similar this winter, I posted yesterday on a different thread, he has never been as ill but we are getting there. He used to use a brown one but it stopped working, dr said he grew out of it - we are on green and orange two puffs a day morning and night and montelucas tablets and of course have the blue one for when he needs it - im keeping an asthma diary I got from asthma uk actually - it tends to be when he is playing at school at playtimes and dinners and doing PE so we have a dr app for next week to discuss this with our gp as he has never been like this and he shouldn't be - its can be a worrying time when they have bad episodes with their asthma!


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