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Going from cold to hot

Has anyone else had trouble when going from outside in the cold to inside? I have always noticed a difference but last month or so it's got harder and harder to control. It's taking quite a bit of Ventolin which leaves me shaky and having paliptations. I am a teacher in a seniors school and a youth worker and have 2 children so i can't really just sit down and it can be quite distressing for the Children im working with or my own children. I have spoken to my dr who upped my symbicort dose and I have just finished a 6 week course of preds. I thought maybe I was having panic attacks because I was worrying about it but I had it happen when I went to the drs once and he confirmed it was asthma.

It's quite embarrassing as well when I walk into a shop or something lol.

I do wrap up warm but any suggestions I would be grateful! I am at my wits end and just dread having to go out. Plus it's actually quite tiring and am getting through blue inhalers at quite a rate.

Thank you :-)

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I too get affected by changes in temperature

Something I read somewhere suggesting wrapping a scarf across your lover face

To give the air a chance to warm up.

Also breathing through your nose, which I can't do when asthma is bad.

I now use a scarf around my mouth whenever I go out, but that can be tricky as it can make you feel a bit panicky if your struggling to breathe.

Just thought I would mention it.

I hope things improve soon for you


I also suffer when going from cold to hot as well as vice verse. It does seem to be worse when my asthma is not well controlled. I have a regime where I increase the dose of my preventer inhaler temporary if necessary. One shouldn't have to take so much of the reliever inhaler that you feel ill and shaky. I have been there, it's unpleasant and worrying. I do hope you get it sorted out. Take care!



this is first time using this forum, I have been very wheezy for the past couple of mornings. I wrap a scarf around my nose and mouth but find by the time I've defrosed and de-iced my car I need to use my ventolin. I have made an appointment to see the doctor but cant get in til next wednesday. Going from hot to cold is bad for me .....


What i do to sort of cope with trying not to set of asthma by going from hot to cold or the other way is by using one of these round scarfs on my face so pull it up all the way to my nose and keep it there at least until i get used to the new temp also if i need to can always take a couple of puffs where noone seems me but i just tend to not bother any more as everyone seen me using inhalers from my little sister to my university lecturers to my boss at work so not bothered its normal for me sorry maybe not so helpful but also dont forget get a knitted scarf thats nice n warm and keep washing it as well to have a good effect


Thanks guys, I do try to breathe through my nose but it's harder the tighter my chest is. I always wear a scarf but I think I need to invest in a nice wooly one!!

My Dr has put me upto 10 puffs of symbicort a day and I take Singulair. So fustrating I have had to go and have nebulisers twice this week and both times its because Ive been from hot to cold!

Roll on the summer!!!

Thanks for the input guys I'm sorry you all have to deal with it but it's good to know I'm not alone

:-) x


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