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What measures do you take to prevent asthma?

Hi Guys!

I am a design student, currently undertaking a project on Asthma!

As an sufferer of asthma I was amazed when I moved away from home, and my asthma improved immeasurably, due to not having a dog or perhaps living in a place with less pollen, with a lot of the medicine i feel the market is too reactive, concentrating too much on inhalers.

I want to create products that can help alleviate asthma by addressing the causes,

As an example of the sort of work I want to create linked underneath is a project by a dutch design firm Studio Siem and Pabon.

They have produced a rug that you can attach to your radiator in order to kill dust mites!

I am really interested to see what measures everyone takes to prevent their asthma?

Look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Thank you for posting on our forum, Haruki. We'd just like to inform you that your above post complies with our terms and conditions, but any further research questions involving people with asthma would need to be approved by our Research team. Please see this link for more information:


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