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Once a month I go to a special mass in a church other than my own and tonight was the night. There must've been a funeral in the church earlier in the day cos there was the smell of incense in the air. My lungs immediately complained within minutes of walking in! The mass is about an hour and a half and I struggled all the way through. Officially I overdosed on the blue inhaler (2 x 2puffs within an hour or so) but it was either that or go out. I did consider going out but it would've just meant it would hit me twice as hard when I went back in so I battled through.

As well as battling with my breathing it upset me a bit as well cos part of the reason for going to that particular mass is cos they have great hymns and I really enjoy singing them but tonight I struggled to sing :-( at the end I didn't stay for any of the social bit, just got out as quick as I could and waited for my friends outside in the fresh air.

Within about half an hour of getting out I was fully recovered but it actually quite surprised me, it's a long time since I've had such a strong and instand reaction to a substance - and that was just the remnants of the incense, I reckon had they actually been burning the incense I would've HAD to go out!

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