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Mannitol Test

Hi all, hope you are doing OK? Just wondered if anyone has had the Mannitol Test? I had mine today and it produced a negative result. I should be pleased, but am concerned as this result might affect how seriously my consultant takes my breathing problems. Has anyone else had a negative result from the Mannitol challenge, but still ,received a diagnosis of asthma? I am currently on Cetirizine, Fostair, Montelukast and Salbutamol with Pred stock for use when necessary. Many thanks in advance, :-)

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Anyone had cardiopulmonary test...? I have mine on Tues, nt sure what to expect. Thx


I didnt do the mannitol challenge as I can't be off anti-histamines at all (well - i can but within a day or so i would be forced to peel all my skin off and that'd be messy and sticky) but didnt need to as I had a huge level of reversibility so it kinda showed the same thing!

Manitol challenge is pretty good, but a negative result doesnt guarantee no asthma. Might just make sense for them to look at other lung things (VCD, COPD, Anxiety, Chronic Bronchitis etc). I assume they're doing a CT scan (its a common one for the full diagnostic lots of tests, and so I figure you probs are).

How did the other test go?

Have you seen your cons since?


Stay strong.....I haven't but supposed to be having one when I get a date. How was yours?


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