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Feeling frustrated (Warning, moan inside!)

Hi :)

I've just stopped by for a moan since none of my flatmates are around. I'm so frustrated with asthma and exercise.

Exercise is one of my main triggers and so I'm used to using my inhaler before, warming up slowly, adapting my workout to how I'm feeling etc., however I still usually do an hour of pilates/ cardio-pilates 6 days a week and an hour of cardio 4 days a week. I haven't followed this plan for the last three weeks due to an injury which left me unable to use my arm- it has only just healed to the point where I'm conformable doing my normal workout. During the last few weeks I have been doing about 10 mins of pilates and have a walked a few miles everyday. This morning I attempted to get back into my normal routine. I started with 10 mins of cardio and then moved on to pilates. After about 20 mins of pilates I had to stop because I was almost having an attack. It came on without warning and it took about 20 mins to get myself under control again. I feel so frustrated that I couldn't exercise. It's exam time at the moment and I like to do extra exercise to make sure I'm not just sitting at my desk all day. I know it's likely to be my endurance has decreased, but I just find it so annoying that I'm sat here now typing and feeling ok, if exhausted, but wanting to do exercise.

I feel silly posting this since I know my asthma is virtually non-existent compared to most people on here, but I just needed to have a moan.

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Hey, the main thing is that you're getting back into the swing of things. The fact you've gone back to it is you exerting control over your condition rather than letting it dictate your daily life. Just ease back into it nice and slow - things will soon be back to normal :)


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