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Alleviation of symptoms of asthma

Ozonation effectively destroys molds fungus and spores, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and odors, including cigarette smoke. Ozone also neutralizes pollen. Ozone, as very strong disinfectant (50 times more effective than chlorine), is a substance whose use is almost unlimited

Fungi and molds

Fungi are the cause of mustiness smell. Also cause different diseases in humans, animals and plants bodies. Fungus is the most common cause of unpleasant odors from the air conditioning systems. Ozone destroys not only the fungi but also the spores and spore forms of effectively neutralizing odors.


Bacteria and viruses are the cause of many infections and diseases. Bacteria is causing the decay of food products which emit at the same time unpleasant odor. Incontact with ozone, bacteria, viruses, and their spores are destroyed without creatingmore danger.

Dust mites

Dust mites belong to the saprophytes, which feed on dead organisms and sloughed organic matter. So they appear, where we spend the most time. They may also cause asthma attacks or allergies. Already low concentrations of ozone causes their death.

Odors of organic and inorganic origin

Ozone treatment eliminates odors of organic and inorganic (including the smell of tobacco smoke), destroying the volatile particles that carry odors. Ozone does not hide unpleasant odors, but removes them. Odor of cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemical compounds - ozone causes them to oxidize to simpler compounds less harmful and that do not have sharp odor.


Pollens can cause allergies, irritation of the eyes, throat or nose. Under the influence of ozone contained in the flower pollen allergens lose their undesirable properties.

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