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whooping cough and Asthma

Hi all I have a 11 and a half year old daughter who was diagnosed with asthma when she was 3, we've had our ups and downs with Asthma but never experienced how bad it would get with whooping cough! After weeks of steroids and antibiotics my daughter was finally tested positive for whooping cough via a bloodtest. She was put on special antibiotics and she seemed to improve slightly..however we are now 3 and a half months on and she caught a cold which has triggered her whooping cough again! She's due back to school Monday after the festive break but is now constantly coughing like before when the whooping cough was bad...does anyone have any advice on asthmatics with whooping cough she's so fed up and tired I thought whooping cough finished after 3 months? All advice welcome

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Any advice is welcome I must say we are finding more children in our area coming down with whooping cough very worrying ?


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