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Asthma ?

Hi everyone ime new here .i dont know if ime in the right place .But ile post anyway.I am 49 but started having a tight chest at eighteen .Went to docs in day time a few times they sent me away saying they couldnt find anything.So i went to Chemist he gave me DO-DO tabs . They have theophyline epherdine and caffiene imediate reliefe but not much sleep . So went to docs and showed her tabs she gave me a ventolin inhaler cured it was ace. Got married at 22 then they wanted me to start becotide but my chest was good .But one day i got a cold on my chest and couldnt breath doc left me some Pred . I had no idea what it was but took six first day fab asthma went in around three hours .I felt really well that day i thought magic pills so i took next five next morning all was well till around 5 oclock pm .I was in the bath and started feeling strange my heart started beating very fast and i became very anxious everywhere looked briht and i felt hyper stimulated . Thing is i have a borderline personality disorder with chronic anxiety and have been ill most of my adult life with it . I cant go away coz of phobia of travelling never took kids on holliday and have been under local mental health unit for years . Plus ADHD as a child .So i blamed it on that but it got worse and i couldnt even sleep or even sit still i became very distressed .I Took next four next morning but crawled into docs being abbusive he told me to stop them .luckily they had done the trick.But after that i took the small dose Becotide inhaler once again good results my peak flow was around 650 then .Went fine again till i was around 40 then my exercise tolerence began to suffer i was an avid cyclist .eventualy i was hitting a brick wall having to return home by using four puffs of ventolin.So saw doc again she refered me to chest doc at Hospital spirometary confermed Asthma . Docs couldnt say it was in my head now . Was given serevent and bigger becotide once again fully cured .I just needed serevent in winter but over years i began to need it all the time .But this last year my chest has got worse i had to sell my cycle and stop doing weights because i pay with asthma for next week .So back to Docs numerous times and a visit to casualty. Good xray but one chest infection. plus normal bloods . Docs can hear my wheeze now ime currently sick with tight chest and green sputum its been checked but no bugs . whats bothering me is i know as i get older my Asthma may become more fixed .But it seems as though my life has stopped my chest is tight most time now I was offered singulair but my GP was concerned about my mental health whilst taking it.So ime getting very scared now as my docs dont want me to have Pred i tried nuelin but couldnt sleep and was sweating with fast heart all time.its affecting my mental health now because a diffewrent GP said its not Asthma but anxiety but ime not imagining not being able to lay on my back at night or having no exercise tolerence .I would rather die than take Pred again but out of hours offers it me .its always there a little now but for small amounts of time around a week or two. PLZ can anyone help .?

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I would say that I didnt notice any effect of it until the dr tried to stop it and heyho ended up in hospital again but id say weeks to work and rather like gradual that was for me but could be different for u lolxxx hope u get better its generally great if u got some nose problems and certain allergies


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