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Dry cough since September?? HELP:(

So I am new to this forum/ Asthma UK, Joined because I really need to know if anyone else has/ has had this issue in the past.

I have what I thought was a mild case of asthma, but since coming home from a festival back in August, ive had a cough literally non stop. At first it was thought to be a chest infection and I was given Amoxicillin for it, which admittedly did clear the cough up a tiny bit, but since then its not gotten any better, its keeping me up at night, i cant take a deep breath without wanting to cough and have been back to my doctor (about a month ago now) and he said to just keep using the preventer/ areo chamber and the cough would subside. It hasnt at all and Im getting very stressed!!! He also mentioned the fact Im not ill enough to go on steroids but debating if i should go back and maybe he'll change his mind???

Is there anyone or anything that can help me?? Id really, really appreciate an answer!!

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Hi Chaarlaay

I have had a similar experience, except that my cough was very productive - you really don't want to know the ghastly details of that! It lasted from October through to March, during which time I saw my GP weekly and pleaded for him to do something (anything) because I was totally exhausted with the coughing, which would go on for over an hour, stop for 10 minutes and then start again. The GP just sat there nodding patronisingly and did nothing.

Finally I saw another GP who gave me a week's worth of pred and changed my preventer to symbicort. Within about 2 weeks myh coughinhg had completely stopped.

One thing I have found since then is that a couple of sessions in a salt cave really help to make you comfortable if you're coughing a lot. I went in feeling as if my lungs had been sandapapered but when I came out they weren't hearly as sore and the coughing was much less painful.

Good luck with it!



Yeah thats exactly how my doctor is with me, should I look into seeing another one? Ive yet to see my asthma nurse and its really difficult to get an appoinment with her so I feel like Im very stuck and my own GP won't do a thing!! :(



Is there another GP in the pracctice you can see? Or a decent asthma nurse? I know it's hard to find anything really effective for a cough but you really need help.

Maybe you could have a chat with the Asthma UK nurses on the helpline to find out what options there might be for you before you see a doctor again. Fingers crossed that you get a bit more help soon.



I have cough variant asthma too & it's incredibly hard getting it treated effectively - the only thing that works consistently is a 2 week+ course of orl steroids. No inhalers make a difference - ,y ungs and chest hurt, it's anti-social & drives you mad!

I've just posted asking if anyone has tried any natural remedies or treatments which have worked - at the point where I will try just about anything!

Good luck, hope you're feeling better soon



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