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New to Asthma and feeling a little scared

Hi everyone, about 8 months ago (age 32)I was told I have asthma, I was given a blue inhaler and have been left on my own to deal with it. I've been reading the posts on here and people seem to really understand what type of asthma they have, I didn't know there were different types! Ive been admitted into hospital with asthma, I cant lie down to sleep because I end up coughing so much that its feels like my head will explode, talking causes me to become short of breath, the cold and exercise cause attacks. this is getting so bad I having at least two attacks a day, more when im at work, i'm going through two blue inhalers a month, im trying to get into to see my doctor but I don't know am I just making a fuss? is this how it is o live with asthma?

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I get so frustrated with non suffers telling me its only asthma,


It definitely does not sound to me like you are making a fuss!!!

I was told recently you are considered well-controlled if you need the blue inhaler 3 times a week or less (i'm not there at the moment either but i'm in the process of trying to find a medication that works for me - after 20+ years my asthma seems to have got worse so we're back on experimenting with different inhalers to try & sort me out)

If you are going through 2 blue inhalers a month that's a hell of a lot of salbutamol (presuming that's what you're on - ventolin?)

I'd say go and see your doctor as soon as you can, it sounds like you need different medications to try and control your asthma

Good luck xxx


You're not making a fuss, definitely worth going to see the GP very soon, as Jinglefairy says. You really shouldn't have to put up with symptoms like that. Sounds like you have a reliever, but there are loads of medications/preventors to try and add on. Worth mentioning to your GP that it's worse at work too, so they can investigate occupational asthma if they feel that appropriate. Have a look at the occupational asthma page on this site and see if you work in places or with certain asthma triggers.

As you've been admitted to hospital you should have your meds reviewed (and changed if not adequate) and have some sort of action plan before you get discharged and then a follow up appointment with GP or hosp consultant. I expect you've been given IV or oral steroids, so will have to continue to take oral steroids until better.

Those people who think it's ""just asthma"" have no/very little awareness of how annoying, exhausting, debilitating, frightening or life threatening asthma can be. We can try to make them a little more aware of what asthma is like, but it helps to find others with asthma who will understand better what you're going through.

Hope you're feeling better soon


I am surprised hospital doctors don't put you on even a preventor inhaler. Maybe I'm really lucky with my doctors (gp and at hospital).

But yes sounds like you need to go back soon. If you don't they won't know it's not controlled. If can't get urgent appointment ask to see a nurse.


Hi Angharad,

I believe that you may have cough variant asthma, especially because the cold sets you off.


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