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Managing anxiety about asthma

Hello. I am a new forum member. I joined to hopefully gain some perspective on my asthma, which has been causing me alot of anxiety recently.

I've had asthma for the last 10 years. For a while it was quite serious, but I am fortunate enough to able to say I haven't been hospitalised in over 5 years, and that up until recently my asthma was almost non existent. You might think this would mean I would have no worries, but because my last major attack was so long ago, I've started that fret over every mild symptom means I'm going to have another bad attack, and this time die.

I know rationally that this is unlikely: I have inhalers to hand, my family and I know the general warning signs, and I've had enough trips to A&E that I know my own personal signs that a major attack is due. My chest has felt a little tight for a few days, I've had a tickly cough: asthma review booked, family warned that I am feeling off. So in theory I am doing what I should.

But I can't stop fretting that I'll have a major attack with no warning signs. I keep listening to my out breath for the meerest trace of a wheeze, I keep testing whether I am short of breath by singing a song in one breath. I have a panic over every odd pain or twinge in my throat or chest. I worry that my inhalers won't work, or that I've taken them too much. Now I have a small baby I am worried she'll have an attack too.

Are there any asthma sufferers here with anxiety that know of helpful ways to calm down? Thank you.

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Hi fusspot.

You could ask your doctor for CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you cope better with your asthma feelings in a positive move forward and freshair and walks and relaxation . Know your asthma and have a action plan with medication and a action plan in place for your family if you have a attack like plans who helps look after your baby while at hospital etc so the reassurance things are in order will help your glynis x


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