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Quit smoking!!!

Well I'm 21, coming 22.

Quit smoking after doing it for 6 years and 2 months!

Last cigarette 52 hours ago and I'm NOT going back!! I've been using the eCig - they're brilliant.

But I'm so worried - could my asthma have progressed into COPD?! Sometimes when walking vigorously, I get tight chested, but it goes away by itself.. I think I've always had that?

My lung capacity hasn't changed (yes, I actually measured it all those years ago when I started).

Reading about COPD is what made me give up. Basically, is smoking for 6 years long enough to change my asthma into COPD?

* Smoked 10-15 a day for first 2-3 years, then 20 a day the past 3 years roughly

* Used reliever inhaler 2x per day during that time

* Since stopping smoking, I've only used my reliever in the morning

* Have a very dry cough with tiny amounts of phlegm - when smoking had more phlegm!

So far my chest feels a lot clearer.


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Well done for quitting smoking. Best ask your doctor about COPD if you are worried.


hi, I was wondering if your asthma got worse after you quit smoking or got worse soon after you started smoking? My asthma was well controlled, and then I started smoking (only for about 5 days) and then stopped, however this induced worse asthma symptoms which my inhalers will not get rid of, did you have a similar problem?


Hi Nat20!

Yes, my asthma did indeed get worse once I quit smoking.

During one day, I used my ventolin FIVE times! But it usually went away after taking the spray.

Now my asthma has returned to normal; I'm off the cigarettes 14 days tomorrow :)

Unfortunately, last Thursday my head cold went on to my chest, and I've been coughing A LOT of mucus up since then! I think it may be acute bronchitis or something! But I'm starting an antibiotic tomorrow.

It's good you've stopped smoking. DON'T RE-START!! Fortunately, you only have five days worth of tar to cough up. I have over 2,190 days worth of tar etc to cough up! WISH me luck!


its good you have stopped after so long! I do wish you luck in staying smoke free, what spray did you use? Its good to know someone else had similar symptoms, unfortuneatly my breathing has not returned to normal since I started or stopped, which was roughly 9 or 10 weeks ago, so unsure of how to proceed, am going to see the specialist today.

Good luck with your quitting and hope you recover from your cold!


Oh I meant the spray of Ventolin!

Cough is a bit better today....

You should be fine, just mention it to your asthma nurse/ Doctor. I have heard they sometimes put asthmatics on a course of steroids when they quit smoking.

If you Google ""Asthma worse quit smoking"" you'll see just how common it is. I'm amazed my asthma seems to have returned to relatively normal so soon. Or perhaps it could get worse in a week or two, who knows?! Just wish I'd never started. Cravings are intense :(


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