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Fed up of being messed around

Hello all,

I've not posted here for some time but I'm feeling a bit angry with my doctors surgery and pharmacy and wondered if anyone else has had similar probs?

For a while now I've been having problems with my pharmacy, I'll put my repeat in go back three working days later to collect it (as told) and they haven't got it, it's not ready, can't find it etc. the most annoying were the two months prior to yesterday. Both months I've arrived at the pharmacy to be told they haven't got my flutiform in stock, Would I like them to order it. Erm of course I would! I can't understand why all of a sudden it's a problem, I've been on flutiform for over two years and it's always been in stock and ready when I've collected it. The last time was particularly annoying as I was almost out and had to take my prescription on somewhere else to get an inhaler.

Has anyone else had problems getting hold of Flutiform recently?

Yesterday Id ordered two flutiform inhalers as I'm going away in the next few weeks and one will not be able to last until I'm back home, when I collected my prescription I only had one because the doctors had only authorised one.

I've had enough of my doctors surgery messing me around, I'd been being seen three monthly by a GP at my surgery whos specialism is asthma, in April I moved into six monthly appointments, but the first six month appointment I was unable to get an appointment with the GP I mentioned, so I had to see another who was only interested in ticking boxes on the screen regardless of what I had to say, did one peak flow and sent me packing with a new repeat prescription and said I didn't need to be seen for a year leaving me feeling frustrated. I also had to battle to get myself a flu jab, which I've always had but if the receptionist decided I didn't qualify this year, I of course won against her and got my jab!

Im just annoyed with the way they are being and have that niggling worry in the back of my mind that I may slip through the net again. Obviously this time around I'm much more aware and won't allow it to happen but I think it's bad all the same

Frustrated muchly!! Anyone else having similar problems?

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If I knew I needed extra bits I think I would have gone through GP surgery are great and appointments easy to get which I know isn't always the case) and, in any case, I have given up ordering through pharmacy as had similar issues with them not having received script from surgery. So I order online now through surgery, collect script and drop it into pharmacy so I know when I'm getting the stuff.

It's bad that they didn't have your inhaler in stock despite having the order there.

I know I'm really lucky with my surgery in general. Even the receptionists are nice!



I had a problem with getting flutiform too especially when i was swapped from seretide to it as i order prescription from gp collect it and put it in the pharmacy i always ask if they have it or not so i dont just wait for nothing. But sometimes have to take it to like 3 or 4 pharmacies to find one that has it in stock.

Also on my last admission to hospital (was a n e ) they didnt have any of my medicines in the hospital for a few days dont know whats going on but it makes things more difficult.


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