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preventer inhaler over the counter

Both my ventolin accuhaler and my Symbicort turbohaler ran out a few days ago.

the only way I can get new ones is to request via my doctor which takes ""up to 5 working days""

I managed to get one of the pump ventolin ones from a&e but I struggle to use these (always have)

had to buy a aerochamber spacer to use it in emergencies

After a bad asthma attack during the night I am struggling to breathe and constantly wheezing and coughing.

is there anywhere I can buy a symbicort turbohaler or a ventolin accuhaler over the counter?

I have tried to make an appt with my doctor to get the prescription faster but apparently you are not allowed to make appointments for repeat prescriptions. ""the doctor will refuse. only way to do it is either online or fill in a form at reception"" (reception form takes longer)

any ideas what I can do?


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I dont know about buying over the counter so can't help you there. I would ring the surgery, explain what's happened and ask if you can have a prescription urgently. I've been caught out in past like you and it isnt nice. Now I put in for repeat prescriptions well in advance and always have plenty of ventolins to keep me going. Hope you get it sorted.


Can you make an appointment due to your attack and mention you are very low on inhalers so could Dr do the prescription while you're there?


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