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Constantly needing my inhaler, always coughing

Hi there!

So I've had this cough for 10 weeks and last week I was told it's probably asthma which makes sense as my mum and brother both have it. I'm fifteen so my asthma nurse couldn't give me the preventative inhaler she wanted to give me as it's for over 18's so she gave me symbicort. That was on Wednesday and I hope it'll start working soon but until it does I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if my coughing fits are asthma attacks but I think they are because I end up gasping for breath and wheezing and I feel extremely faint. My inhaler helps sometimes but other times it's useless. I was told to use it as often as I needed but I'm using it so much I'm struggling to do things like write because my hands are shaking. Whilst I was only told last week that asthma was the main possibility I was given an inhaler the previous Thursday. After reading the label I see that it had 200 metered doses. However today in the cinema I couldn't stop coughing and I was struggling to breath and my inhaler ran out and I had to use this random guys and one of the staff had to take me to a fire escape to get air and it was awful EVERYONE was staring .

It's ridiculous how fast I've used that inhaler, luckily I have another one.

My sleeps have been awful. I'm waking up drenched in sweat and coughing amd I can't take my inhaler because I can't even hold my breath for ten seconds. Im doing things like sleepwalking which I've done in the past but never to this extent. I'm waking up and going and getting ready for school only to realise it midnight and it's Saturday.

After being told it's most likely asthma last week I was made to take the week off school which really upset me because I have a prelim this week and I'm now really nervous I'm going to fail especially if I'm not feeling well.

I really want to get back to normal and this whole thing is really getting me down.

What I really want to know is how do I deal with these coughing fits? Are they asthma attacks? If my inhaler isn't working and I feel faint what am I meant to do? If the school send me home I'll be sent to the asthma nurse but I don't want to bother her again as I was told to see her again in a month. There's not much she can do if I haven't given the symbicort time to work. And what if I need my inhaler but holding my breath for ten seconds makes me feel faint and everything go dark? I know that can be quite serious but at the same time I feel like by the time I manage to tell a teacher it'll have passed and there will be no point and I'll be making a big deal put of nothing and I'll be sent home...

Sorry for this massive spiel but any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

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I would go back to asthma nurse or a gp. Even though you've only been told it's most likely asthma, it sounds like you need something else to control things right now.


Hey Twinkly, thanks for your advice! After an awful night of staying up coughing I read your reply this morning and went and talked to my mum about another appointment. She's phoning the doctors again and I'll get an appointment with my GP to see if there's anyway to get this coughing under control. Thanks again :)


That's good - good luck. Keep nagging them. Sometimes it's the only way but how you are at the moment is not ok and not fair. X


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