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new and need help

Hi :)

General advice needed really , I'm 22 and have been told I have type 2 brittle asthma and have had 12 hospital admissions in the past 16 months with no follow up appointment offered or given my asthma is bad everyday and its starting to effect my work I'm currently off with my asthma and not being paid ... Sigh ... Does anyone have any advice on what I can get done about this and who to seek help from when the GP is sorry to say pretty useless ..............

Thanks in advance xxx

Sammy xx

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That's terrible. Who has diagnosed the brittle asthma? Can you see a different gp? If/when you're admitted again, could you ask about follow up/outpatients then? (Not literally on admission sure you'll not be in the place to do that then!)

Just thinking out loud hence the questions.

Where are you based?



Hi thanks for your reply and have had one appointment with a specialist who diagnosed me and was not given or offered any further appointments with them for unknown reasons .. It is as if they don't feel asthma is an issue were I live and I'm based in Bodmin , Cornwall NHS services are not very easy to access due to town being so far... Xx



I recently moved to plymouth and if u could access the derriford hospital they would be quite good. For me the first time i ended up with an attack there and gotten admitted i saw the consultant and the asthma nurse before being sent home also the appointment they gave me for clinic was like after 2-3 weeks after discharge. If you try that hospital maybe you might get sorted a bit faster.

Also regarding not working maybe if you discuss with your gp they might be able to help.

Hope this helps you (i am not sure where cornwall is but i think its somewhere near to plymouth and derriford is only about 15-20 min from plymouth but i heard many people they come from cornwall)

Get well soon


Hi has ,have thought about going there but as don't drive wouldn't be possible to get there and back is hard enough getting to Cornwall hospital 30 miles a train and 2 busses x just been back to GP for a review yesterday was told to take another week of steroids , is my 4 th week now and have a week off work and rest if no better go back and will be referred to consultant but its getting depressing and hard when u can't even walk to your bedroom without wheezing away and feeling bad xx sigh guess I'll just have to deal with it xx thanks for your reply and advice x


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