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Going through a tough time at the moment

I had a really great 6 months between March and September this year with no oral steroids or antibiotics.

I since mid September when weather started to change I have been wheeze and had a dry cough was told to double my seretide from 500x 2 to 1000x2 when this didn't work I returned to my doctors and was prescribed oral steroids went back 5 days later and was told there was nothing else go could do so was referring my to hospital.

That was a week ago have not heard anything and have still gone further down hill with decreasing pf now below 300 usually 450. Returned to the doctors today to be given a flu jab and told I'm still quite wheeze now been given 5 days more pred at 40 mg daily and antibiotics and told to come back Monday to check progress. I'm just feeling frustrated as I'm a teacher and really feel I can't do my job properly at the moment it's getting me down


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Ahhh yes the joys of trying to teach! I've been off since mid October. Currently on admission number 3......

But am glad gp wants you back to check progress. It's frustrating climbing the hurdles and constant battling.

Hope you hear from hospital soon x


Still struggling at the moment. Returned to doctors on Monday for pred to be extended for two more day as pf still not increasing or stable.

Finish this Thursday chest still very tight and wheeze returned to doctors on Friday morning to be given 5 more days of 40 predi nebs and sent to a and e where I spent most of the afternoon on more nebs and oxygen my oxygen fell to 89 today and I was feeling very cold. After about 3 hours was given the last neb and sent home to hospital were quite short of beds today. I am now back home all news have worn off and am now feeling rather rough again feeling exhausted but cannot sleep. And I think the pred is causing awful itching.

The a and e doctor seemed to just blame the GPs today and emphasised the need for an alternative or add on therapy and not all these. Causes of pred but I await my refueral to a consultant.


I have to say this has been the worst time for my asthma in over 40 years!!!!!!! Chest infection after chest infection. Have previously fought and kicked against taking pred. I am so exchausted no I am asking for pred. What is happening?? I teach adults and one clas a taught last month four students out of 12 were cuddling their inhaler. Feeling poorleynuss


I'm still going through it at the moment and just wish things would calm down. since my last post I have been in a and e twice more and had any more visit to my gp I am getting the feeling now I should have a reserved seat there. my peak flows are anywhere between 220 and 380 at the moment my best is 450 I have been on pred continually now since the 12th of December was tapering but had another severe attack on sunday requiring a and e more nebs and attrovent so am now back on 40 mg a day and then need to start tapering again.

my GP has also increased my seretide further so I am now on 3x 500 twice a day this is triple the licenced dose so I am a little concerned about this and am wondering about an alternative- monteluckast has already been tried and failed to help.

I have an appointment with respiratory specialists on the 29th of January so hopefully they will have more of a clue of what is going on at the moment.



Sorry to hear you're still struggling :-{

Hope the referral is helpful - must seem a long way away at the moment though. I wish I had a magic wand for you (although it would be second hand as I would have used it here first!)



Hi yes the 29th of January still seems like a decade away. I have now spoke to the respiratory unit about moving the appointment forward this was a week ago so think they could be struggling to do this I will call them in the morning and see if any progress.

I have now ended up in a and e five times since the 12 of December due to asthma attacks I am still on the dreaded pred and cant seem to get down to less than 20mg without ending up back in a and e.

I have also had 3 courses of antibiotics. spent the night in hospital had ecgs, blood tests abgs and chest xrays but still have no idea what is causing this.

At present I am on three puffs of seretide 500 twice a day, 20 mg of pred, 10 puffs of salbutamol when need and salbutamol nebules.



Hi, Still feeling quite hopeless at the moment and don't quite no what to do.

I have had a wheeze I my chest since November which has got worse and is causing a cough and breathlessness and at times my peak flow levels are plummeting

so far this year I have had two hospital admissions one short stay for just the night and now a longer stay of 5 nights- tapering steroids was a contributing factor as well as a cold. saw a lung consultant today who has ruled some things out and believes its just my asthma I am now awaiting more tests and some help to control my asthma again. my peak flows seem to be gradually levelling out



Hope they get you sorted soon. I'm also in again having had a cold. Frustrating!


Hi All

I have still been coughing and wheezing daily with no cause yesterday i did a mannatol challange which came back negative for asthma so after 29 years I'm being undiagnosed not sure how to feel just need to wait my consultant has now discharged me and left me under the care of a nurse specialist

Em sleigh.


I am getting really depressed and feels really alone as I have been diagnosed with allergic asthma in November and it seems to be taking over my life at the moment by taking a lot of time off work , taking so many medications and Inhlaers and on a nebulizer four times a day I am beginning to loose faith , get into depression , feels frustrated every time I get really bad symptoms and be put on new medication for my asthma always have to think about my medication before going out anywhere can anyone tell me how to juggle my meds and my life routine my allergies are pets , household items , perfumes and pollen.


Hi, nDo you monitor your peak flow? nI find this a useful indicator of how well I am generally lower when my asthma is going down hill. nI always find it useful to keep a spare ventolin in my bag inside an able spacer as know I always have it my preventer I.e my flutiform is next to my tooth brush reminding me morning and night I use a nebuliser if I get really bad which in the bad times is next to my bed or my portable nebuliser which is sometimes in my bag in the bad times they both have 5 nebs stored in them.


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