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Peakflow help

Hi everyone! Wondering if you could offer some advice!

I'm under investigation for asthma at the moment and doing my peakflow regularly.

I'm a 5ft 9 female 27 years and should be averaging at 470. I did my peakflow yesterday which was 430. Feel rubbish and breathless today with a peakflow of 370 after sleeping after a night shift! What do you think? Does this seem low to any of you? Bit difficult as I am new to all this.

Any advice would be great,


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Hi Noodles

You don't say how long you've been measuring your peak flow for but it's a bit difficult to use it until you have quite a lot of readings and understand how different situations affect your breathing. Do you have an inhaler to use? If so, don't rely on your PF to tell you when to use it, listen to your lungs and use it when you are feeling tight or short of breath.


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