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Off Topic?

Please, Mister, can we have our ball back? We need a lighter place to relax with friends.

I was of the understanding that Off Topic meant exactly that. Topics that did not include asthma except perhsps in a comical way e.g. what's the daftest thing anyone's said to you. We had many good and long debates and fun stories.

Quick look tonight, after months away, and what do I find? Posts of alternative breathing techniques, asthma diagnosing etc. This to me is not Off-Topic in any sense. For me and my former team, the ball's on the slates.

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Hi GrannyMo, Lovely to hear from you. How are you keeping? Hope you are ok. My 17 yr old has been very ill and is now on Zolair for a trial period. Fingers crossed. xx


GrannyMo, you're quite right. We need to lighten the mood a little now and then and I'm off to do exactly that!


Hi Granny Mo ,

Be great get the forum rocking again with the old gang back on xxx


Hi Granny Mo,

It's great to hear from you, I hope you're keeping ok.

I totally agree with you, let Off Topic be just that.


Hi Glynis and AsthmaGirl. Nice to see you on the forum, hope you both doing ok. xx


Hi Angievere,

Nice to see you x

Hope your having a fab Christmas and will pop on here now and then glynis x


Nice to see you too Glynis, Hope your asthma is better? Our Christmas went well and generally asthma free. Love Angie xx


Hey did any one here watch Easter spring watch? The crocuses have been, the daffodils are opening and leaves are budding on the trees! The birds arer starting to sing. The winter dullness is going!


Yes I watched the Easter Springwatch. I really enjoyed the programme.


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